What We Do

Key Club College Scholarships

Our Kiwanis club raises funds for Strongsville Schools Key Club college scholarships every year through the Flag Project and generous donations from the community!

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Submission deadline: April 1, 2023

Read Around The World

Our Kiwanis club helps support opportunities for reading through the yearly Read Around The World project. Children are able to choose a free age-appropriate book to take home with them.  At the events, the Strongsville High School Key Club members help the children pick out books and read to the children.  To donate or participate in the next event, Contact us to learn more.

Community Sponsorships

Our Kiwanis club supports the Strongsville community through grants, scholarships, and donations.

  • Donated $1,250 for Back-to-School Program to the Strongsville City Schools
  • Donated $1,200 for school supplies to the Strongsville City Schools
  • Donated $10,000 to the Strongsville School District for the new 70 foot flagpole at the west end of Pat Catan Stadium.
  • Annually award seven (7) $1,500 scholarships to graduating Strongsville High School seniors
  • Decorate Strongsville Town Commons 5 times a year (for Patriotic Holidays) with 110 American Flags. The flags fly for 5 – 6 weeks per year.
  • Conduct Read Around the World annually at the Strongsville Library
  • Pledged $5,000 to Kiwanis International Eliminate Project
  • Made $5000 donation to Kiwanis International Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus 
  • Donated $3,000 to the Strongsville Library for Children’s Play Area
  • Contributed $3,000 towards Strongsville Safety Town
  • Donated $2,500 to set up “Grief Library” in the Strongsville Public Schools
  • Sponsor of 2 Builder’s Club and 1 Key Club in Strongsville Schools
  • Sponsored Senior Table Games Day Tournaments at Strongsville Senior Center
  • Participated in 24th Kiwanis Division maintenance project at Camp Cheerful
  • Donated $5,000 to Kiwanis International as part of IDD fundraiser

Kiwanis Builders Club Sponsor

Our Kiwanis club brings in food and treats and recognizes, supports and encourages the kids, through example, so they feel empowered to do great things in their communities. We support Builders Club service projects, facilitate the Builders Club meetings, provide mentorships. We sponsor the following Kiwanis Builders clubs:

Memory Bag Program

Strongsville Kiwanis started our Memory Bag Program in 2002 as another way to serve the children of our community. Memory Bag is funded by Strongsville Kiwanis and overseen by members of the Strongsville School System.

Working with teachers and counselors, we are informed when a child experiences the death of someone close to them.  A Memory Bag is prepared that includes a book, a journal, writing materials, and other age appropriate items (such as a Teddy Bear) along with a sympathy card.  The Memory Bag is given to the child by their counselor or teacher. 

To date, we have provided over 750 Memory Bags to Strongsville students from Pre-School through 12th Grade. 

Are you ready to join us? Contact us or apply for Kiwanis club membership here